The Cube

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Last exercise of Form Analysis II. It was about the transformation of a cube and the implantation of it in the university. The first panel is about the study of the university , and the second panel is the study of the cube and the best place to locate it in the university. Finally, the last one is a view of how would be this operation.



This is a study of the work by Alejandro Otero, who is an artist from Venezuela. His paintings are colorful grids showing spatial composition.

Analysing his works, I had to represent the class and its model following the same technique as him. At first, I analysed his way of working and taking the data collection of the class I gave each piece a different color, as Alejandro Otero did in his paintings.


So, following the same process I reached the final drawing as a plan of class’ model using the idea of the grid and giving each volume a color. For instance, red color would be square boxes in plan, or black and grey are the axis in my drawing.


Spaghetti Truss

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The competition was about the design and construction of a truss, and then tested on the lab in order to know the load the structure could carry.

It was a didactic competition to help us learning how structures behave. The truss should be build with spaghetti and with an adequate design in order to resist as much weight as possible. Also, we have to take in consideration, the relation between the weight of the truss and the loads that we applied on it.